What a scentbird free trial could mean for you

It is so tempting. It is just so tempting to say something about the best things in life. But that would be, oh, so unoriginal. Goodness knows just how many times it has been said before. But speaking of things free and in the spirit of doing good girls a good turn, take a whiff of what a scentbird free trial could mean for you right now. For one thing, it would be nice if you love colorful birds. It would be swell if you like their chirrupy sweet morning birdsong.

Speaking of the morning, it is so nice to be leaving the house smelling, oh so, fresh as daisies. Or roses, lilacs, lavender, orange blossoms, or whichever you would prefer. That is what the little scentbird’s free trial is all about. The bird is giving you a true opportunity to sample something fresh and new for a while, something your delicate nose never got a whiff of before. But there are also the standards, the tried and tested and the icons.

That is to say, if this is what you would prefer. After you have exhausted your free trial, you are just about ready to sign up as a full-fledged and loyal member. In the profile field provided for this, tell the little scentbird a little bit more about yourself. Give her a little free information. You will be richly rewarded thereafter. For just a small fee every month, each and every month the bird will be delivering to your door a perfect perfume of the month. 

scentbird free trial

Do not be shy, come along now, no one is going to notice, only the little bird will know you called, sign up for a free trial so long.